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Essential programming skills to learn

Below is a list of programming skills we aim to mostly cover between years 7 and 11 in computing and computer science. If you feel you are ahead, or behind, take a look through the list and practise the skills yourself. There are many resources online, especially on YouTube, that explain how to use python and provide ideas for projects and tasks.

These skills can be achieved by programming a console application (like in repl.it or Hartismere Python). 




Infinity and beyond

In this section...

Programming software

Sorting Visualiser

GCSE Computer Science

CPU Fetch-Decode-Execute Animation

C# Yellow Book

Online Little Man Computer - CPU simulator

A Level Computer Science

C# Cook Books

See also...

1.6 Systems Security Flashcards | Quizlet

Creative and Performing Arts

Business and Media

Revision for computer science

Personal Development

Cavell House (E) Week (9-13 Oct)

Week beginning 29 Jan 2024: 'Life Lessons'

Week beginning 4 Dec 2023: 'Life Lessons'

Week beginning 15 Jan 2024: 'Life Lessons'

Sixth Form


Composition and Framing in Film

Animal Farm revision from Course Hero


The Divine Right of Kings

1.5 Network Topologies, Protocols and Layers // GCSE Computer Science MidTerm Assessment

Vertigo Film Score Analysis

TwitBook - Can you spot the problems with this profile page?

Book Recommendations- December 2023

5 Frames from District 9

Science podcast


Key Stage 4 and 5 Performance Tables

Online safety newsletters

My Examinations

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Parents Evening :: Year 8

Artificial intelligence and assessments

Design and Technology

Admissions and Application Forms :: Main School and Sixth Form


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