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Year 9 One Lesson Task :: No Mouse [Windows]


  • Watch the movie intro carefully.
  • Complete the following tasks without using the mouse!
    1. Open Word and type the following text (including the formatting!) :
      Today I am using the computer without using the mouse. It is quite an easy thing to do. There are lots of shortcuts that I need to learn.
    2. Save the document with a sensible filename in a sensible folder.
    3. Quit Word
    4. Create a new folder in "My Documents".
    5. Move the file you created in step 2 into this new folder.
    6. Delete this new folder.
    7. Use the internet to find out who invented the computer mouse.
    8. Use the calculator to do some sums.
    9. Find a quick way of copying and pasting.
    10. Try using ALT+TAB to switch between your open windows.
  • Complete the multiple choice test in the Digital Exercise Book




  • Multiple choice test
    10 Questions < 15 Mins


  • 1 Lesson