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Summer 2024 Exam Arrangements

This page is updated often - please check regularly for any changes...

Examinations start at 9:00am and 1:15pm.

All students should arrive to the dining hall at 8:55am or 1:10pm - no later!


Parents: Please notify the school office as soon as possible if your child is too ill to attend an examination.


NB - GCSE Listening exams will be held in English Classrooms - please wait outside the building for these examinations.

Private / external candidates should report to the school reception in good time before the start of the examination.

(If you are late for an exam please report to the examinations office at Pupil Services.)

Some exams are held in rooms other than the Sports Hall, and this information will be available before each exam.

Please ensure you have used the toilet before the start of your exam!

⚠ Remember, no phones, watches, other communication and/or storage devices are allowed in the examination room.

Don't forget to check My Examinations for your timetable...


Students are expected to attend school until they have sat their last examination, and lessons and/or revision sessions will continue as normal.

Examination calendars:


A Level / AS Level Clashes

Please speak to the Examinations Officer for individual arrangements...

GCSE Clashes

Friday 10th May

Tuesday 14th May

Wednesday 15th May

Tuesday 21st May

Thursday 23rd May

Monday 3rd June

Tuesday 4th June

Wednesday 5th June

Monday 10th June

Tuesday 11th June

Wednesday 19th June



GCSE results will be available on Thursday 22 August.  They will be issued from 9am in the Sixth Form College, to individual students. If for any reason a student is unable to collect their results in person there are other options available:

In this section...

Artificial intelligence and assessments

My Examinations

See also...



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Year 5 Open afternoons

Drama & Theatre Podcasts

Y8 Potable water cover resources

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

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Cover Supervisor - PE Specialism

History and Old Hartisians

Cover Supervisor


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