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Est. 1451. An outstanding coeducational secondary school & sixth form college and England's first academy

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Sport and PE

Free Face to Face Parenting programmes in Eye, Suffolk


Parents Evening :: Year 8

Parents Evening :: Year 7

Safeguarding: BeReal

Application for Remission from Charges/School Uniform Support

Safeguarding: Instagram

Term dates

Careers & Apprenticeship Information


Britten House (B) Week (20-24 Nov)

Cavell House (E) Week (9-13 Oct)

Medicine, Health & Social Care

Week beginning 29 Jan 2024: 'Life Lessons'

Week beginning 27 Nov 2023: 'Life Lessons'

Week beginning 2 Oct 2023: 'Life Lessons'

Staff :: Past and Present

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Tutor Time (Life Lessons)

Ports & Logistics


Parents Evening :: Year 10

Summer 2024 Results

Parents Evening :: Year 12

Parents Evening :: Year 11

Parents Evening :: Year 13

Year 7 tutors/parents evening

My Examinations

Parents Evening :: Year 9


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