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How To Terrify The Audience

In this video essay on silence of the lambs I address how you can terrify your audience... Consider supporting me on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/henrysharpe Please Like and Subscribe for more video essays. A massive thank you to my patrons for supporting me create these video essays: Sam reilly James Roye Chantien Chiu Øyvind Bø Kaasa John Ryan Andersen Daniel Sturman Robby May-Sylianteng Evan Block Gabriel Hug Ádám Bergmann Hannah Southerland Hugo Rocha Loures Kosop Joseph Henderson Nikki DeKeuster Chris Tim Novak Jennifer Risley solvalent DINH PHUONG LINH Debbie Dearest Ringoster Justus Berberich Debra Stanley Notker Kirchgäßner John Sipes Thad Snell Steve Barrow PJ Crabb Ryan Tam Bernardo Rodríguez