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Chemistry (for GCSE) : resources

Here be treasure ......

GCSE Combined Science (Chemistry) and also GCSE ("Triple") Chemistry stuff to help with homeworks, revision and much of the out-of-lessons work.


Exam papers :

GCSE Combined Science (Chem) HIGHER tier papers

GCSE Combined Science (Chem) FOUNDATION tier papers


GCSE Chemistry (Triple) HIGHER tier papers 


other exam question practise stuff :

Chemistry HIGHER part 1   part 2   part 3  part 4

Chemistry FOUNDATION   part 1   part 2   part 3

Paper 1 Qs       Paper 2 Qs



Quick-fire practise to build and reinforce existing knowledge.

This makes a good bridge between some revision of the original lesson and your first attempts at exam questions.

REVISION stuff of all sorts 

Knowledge organisers (by AQA GCSE Chem unit)

Multiple-choice quizzes

Quick recall quizzes (using "Quizlet") : unit-by-unit

mindmaps   F-tier    H-tier

drill question booklets 

harder drill questions

revision workbooks 

   (including CGP workbook ANSWERS)

Required Practical materials

6-mark Question practise 

Mini revision guides (unit by unit)

Quantitative REVISION (paper 1) much of the calculation stuff

*unit-by-unit past paper questions


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