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Head of Physics: Mr A Burroughs BA PGCE NPQSL

Physics resources

Physics A Level

Careers in Physics Including: Day of physics at Warwick University

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Science podcast

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Coding Challenges for GCSE and A Level Computer Science


Ports & Logistics

Week beginning 12 Feb 2024: 'Life Lessons'

Y6 Primary Transition - Transport of the Future

Apprenticeships, Further Education, Higher Education

Science & Innovation

GCSE Computer Science

Week beginning 8 Jan 2024: 'Life Lessons'

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance)


Learnit: BIOLOGY - A Level Aerobic Respiration Musical Lectures!

AS Physics Formula Booklet - NEW SPEC

6-week Test 2 (H tier) "bonus ball" Qs & As

Learnit: BIOLOGY - MCQs - Nervous and Hormonal Control

Electron Configuration, Ions and Ionic Bonding

CERN - The globe

Careers in Biology

Learnit: BIOLOGY - MCQs - Circulation and Transport

Sea water made drinkable using graphene

Metals and Reactivity


Parents Evening :: Year 13

Parents Evening :: Year 10

Year 7 tutors/parents evening

My Examinations

Parents Evening :: Year 11

Parents Evening :: Year 9

Summer 2024 Results

Parents Evening :: Year 12


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