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10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film

Stories are told through a certain character's perspective and filmmakers create various pathways to bridge the gap of understanding between character and audience. We've compiled a list of the best film examples that convey a character's specific state of mind. Top 10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film: 1. Hiroshima, Mon Amour 2. Take Shelter 3. An American Werewolf in London's 4. The Mirror 5. The Last Temptation of Christ 6. Big Fish 7. Apocalypse Now 8. Clean, Shaven 9. Fight Club 10. Saving Private Ryan Subscribe to CineFix for and movie-related content. http://goo.gl/9AGRm Follow us Twitter: https://twitter.com/CineFixNetwork Oh, and we're on the Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CineFixNetwork More Recent CineFix Videos: Shawshank Redemption - What's the Difference? https://youtu.be/5f1bH-Jguco Harry and Voldemort: A Love Story - Trailer Mix https://youtu.be/-rr9rP18EI8 9 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Wayne's World! https://youtu.be/4RWloRKKt8Q 5 Brilliant Moments of Camera Movement https://youtu.be/h2c3JZ6X3f8 The Edge of Tomorrow recut as Groundhog Day - Trailer Mix https://youtu.be/17a1CVSuw80