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DynaMaze - Creating enemies and item pickups

This game is partially complete. It has a player and items to collect that allow you to move to the next level. You are going to add some enemies to the game that do different actions and some item pickups that have different effects on the player. Remember the help each other. There are some videos attached above to help.


To add

  • Enemy that moves left and right (skeleton) - watch the video

  • Enemy that moves up and down (spider) - same as previous, just vertical

  • Design 2 extra levels

  • Enemy that moves along a set path (ghost) - watch the video

  • Enemy that bounces of the walls (fire)

  • Item that increases the score (unsure how to do? These may help)

  • Setup player lives at the start of the game (unsure how to do? These may help)

  • Item that reduces the players lives (unsure how to do? These may help)

7 minutes before the end of the lesson, do the test (press 'Take Test' below).