Hartismere School

Est. 1451. An outstanding coeducational secondary school & sixth form college and England's first academy

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Welcome to Hartismere!

It's a privilege to welcome new families and more familiar ones to Hartismere. Our families and supporters in the community have been at the heart of the school's success for many years. Hartismere is one of the very few schools in England to have been awarded an Outstanding grade by Ofsted in every category on three consecutive occasions. As the Headmaster during this period I've been acutely aware of how important it has been that our families support their school's values. 

The school's motto is discamus ut serviamus. Taken literally, this means that 'we learn that we might serve'. It speaks to our desire that our children become learners, lovers of learning, and that they take a pleasure in knowing, in understanding and in developing skills. However, it also suggests that we do not do this in a moral vacuum. Our motto indicates that we use our learning to help others: our own families as we support, provide and care for them, our local community and our neighbours and our wider society in Britain and far beyond. More colloquially, we want our children to have the sharpest brains and the biggest hearts.

Welcome to Hartismere!


J D McAtear, Headmaster

MA MSc MEd MPhil PhD