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Sport and PE

With regards to health and safety, it is strongly recommended that pupils wear mouthguards when playing rugby and hockey.  We have basic boil-and-bite mouthguards available in a range of colours from Pupil Services for £2.50 – however if you feel you would prefer your child to have a higher level of protection, you may be interested in purchasing a custom made mouthguard from OPRO (http://www.opro.com).  It is also strongly recommended that pupils wear shin pads when playing hockey and football – these are available from all good sports shops and football/rugby boots when playing rugby.  Pupils who are selected to represent the school in football, hockey or rugby must ensure they have all protective equipment with them for every match. With these sports taking place during the remainder of the autumn, and spring term I hope that you will support us in making sure your child is fully prepared for their PE lessons and extra-curricular activities.


We have been extremely pleased by the number of students attending our extra-curricular club programme and we hope that this will continue throughout the next term. Our spring term extra-curricular sports club timetable will be advertised in the new year. Can I please remind students that they must wear trainers for all lunchtime clubs and full PE kit for our after school sports clubs. After school clubs run on Monday and Tuesday and will finish at 5pm. There is a late bus available on Mondays and Tuesdays for those pupils entitled to use school transport. 

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