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Python Video Tutorials

Hints and tips on completing simple programming tasks in Python.

  1. Getting started in Python - creating a new python file in repl.it
  2. Creating variables - defining variables of different data types and assigning values
  3. Outputting to the console - getting text to appear on the console
  4. Simple maths - performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  5. Whole number division and remainders - Performing DIV and MOD
  6. Inputs from the console - allowing the user to inputs values during run-time
  7. Casting or converting data types - converting a value to a different data type (remember that if the value is not in the correct format, you will get an error)
  8. Joining strings together - concatenating string values together to make one big string
  9. Adding comments - everyones favourite activity
  10. IF statements - using IF (selection) to test for conditions to control the flow of the program
  11. ELIF - else if. Adding extra conditions
  12. Sleep - adding a pause in the run time of a program
  13. Random - generating random numbers
  14. FOR loop - creating and using a for loop (iteration)
  15. WHILE loop - creating and using a while loop (iteration) and infinite loops (forever!)
  16. Arrays or lists - spoiler... there are no arrays! Watch for how to make and use arrays (lists) in python
  17. More lists - how to do extra things with lists, including appending, sorting and popping!
  18. Complicated maths - not really, just maths in a loop. A walkthrough in how to create a binary convertor
  19. Subroutines - creating procedures and functions in python using def
  20. Useful function - using a function to convert a string of characters to binary values. Uses the ord() function to convert characters to character codes
  21. Character codes - converting character codes into characters using the chr() function. Useful for generating passwords
  22. String Manipulation - doing different snazzy features with strings
  23. Rock Paper Scissors - a guide to creating a version of rock, paper, scissors
  24. Adding files to repl - adding files to the project area (non code way)
  25. Basic reading from file - how to read the contents of a file
  26. Basic writing to file - using code to write text to file
  27. Reading lines from file - reading text from a file, one line at a time and using list with files
  28. Appending to a file - adding extra data to a file that already exists
  29. Comma separated values - reading and writing data in CSV format using files
  30. Simple 21 (Blackjack). Very simple - can you improve it?
  31. More to come... maybe...