Hartismere School

An outstanding coeducational secondary school & sixth form college and England's first academy

Happy 20th Birthday! Hartismere: Online since 1997!

Hartismere High School published its first website in 1997.

The website was created using Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0, although some parts were written in raw HTML. It was uploaded to the internet using a 28k modem at a time when few schools were publishing websites.

The whole site was only about 500KB in size - and would fit comfortable on a floppy disk.

In 1997, only a handful of people would visit the site each week and it cost £200 to register the domain name www.hartismere.co.uk for two years.

Very little remains of this first website..

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Computers were much slower in 1997 - the "Main Menu" link didn't wobble quite so quickly back then!